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National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) offers a new payment service known as ‘AEPS – Aadhaar Enabled Payment System’, to banks and financial institutions. A bank led model which allows online financial inclusion transaction at Micro-ATM through the Business correspondent of any bank using the Aadhaar authentication. The system is designed to handle both ONUS and OF FUS requests seamlessly in an effective way by enabling authentication gateway for all Aadhaar linked account holders.
  • Our mission is quite simply to create the best possible payment service.
  • Our philosophy is less is more - the simplest solution is almost always the best.
  • Our goals are defined by, and measured against, three words that are imprinted in the back of our minds: Secure, Reliable, Dynamic.
  • NMVB team and partners are trying to help you on every ground. We love all of our members and for their love, we are very transparent and reliable. On our every service you will find love for you.

Amazing Team

The nmvb team is a group of highly skilled and dedicated individuals that thrive on both solving problems and exploring uncharted territories. Nmvb team members are trained professionals, whose background details are thoroughly checked to ensure your safety and security. and they will help you beyond the customer. Because they understand that we are a family. www.digitalindiaepayment.com gives friendly work behavior, So you can see work is happening in a good atmosphere with an excellent manner.


We put our knowledge of the world’s travelers and global booking trends to work with on-territory professionals who understand what works best for local markets and local business needs. We are looking for Passionate, Career – Oriented Team of Professionals who can join us to contribute towards the big growth. If you are serious and looking for a big leap in your career, nmvb is one place we strongly believe. We follow absolute ethical business practices at all levels. At NMVB we have created a healthy and Politics free environment for all our new joiners. We also believe that every new single day brings with it, a huge amount of new learning and helps us all to grow professionally as well as personally. The environment at NMVB is very conducive to learning and growth as well as is full of warmth and motivation. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect. The entire team is emotionally attached to the brand, give importance to human values and are here for a purpose. We are aware that money does not bring happiness to a workplace. In order to be happy and to perform our best, we have to find joy in what we do. And joy comes in through the people you work with, by adding a bit of fun and having challenges to deal with. This is exactly how NMVB team works. Exciting career doesn’t happen by chance. Sometimes we have to seek it with open eyes. If you love to take up challenges, you are most welcome to join us.

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If you have any query associated with digital payment services you may call our expert professional for help.


Even when you have already buy our services still we are always available to provide easy support after sales.


With our platform you can provide many types of digital payment services right at one place.


With easy digital payment services we also provide different ways for investment which can help grow your income.

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